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This range of organic fertilizers plays significant role in improving crop productivity. Made of environment friendly content, these organic formulations enhance nutrients absorption capacity of plants. By raising porosity of soil, these also play vital role in increasing its water holding capacity. Provided range of fertilizers are effective in improving photosynthesis activity, in promoting seeds germination and also in accelerating setting of fruits. अधिकover, these organic products also help in enlargement of fruits and crops without affecting their flavor and nutritional value. This product range is easy to apply and is completely safe for the microorganisms of soil.
Plants grown from Paddy Hybrid seeds are well known for their higher productivity and stronger trunk when compared to commonly used paddy seeds. Based on the variety of the seeds, these are sown in May to July and October to January. Crops of paddy tend to mature in maximum 120 days after sowing. Size and shape of grains depend on the variety of these seeds. Usually, these grains are medium and bold/thin and slender in appearance. This range of A grade Paddy Hybrid seeds have 10% moisture content, 98% purity level and 0.06% imperfection ratio.

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